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Wie wird man FIE Kampfleiter


Um FIE Kampfleiter zu werden bzw. zur Prüfung antreten zu dürfen, muss man erst die „C“ Lizenz des EFC erlangen. Anbei dürfen wir euch den Originaltext des EFC dazu näher bringen.

1. “C” license would only be awarded to candidates who obtain at least during 3 competitions marks of 4 or 5 (in scale with highest note 5) within maximum of 2 consecutive seasons. Following criteria are used for awarding related note during evaluation referees:
- 5 excellent: with no mistake;
- 4 very good: with small mistakes doing a good job
- 3 fairly good: needs some small improvements
- 2 Quite satisfactory/Poor: Needs to improve the skills substantially
- 1 Fail: Should not stand at pistes at the moment. Needs to improve the basic skills for refereeing.

2. For evaluation of referees all EFC CC competitions are available. Thus, candidates can choose competitions suitable for them.

3. Procedure of evaluations was described in original description of the project:

It consists of mandatory participation of referees at the seminar organized always cca 1 hour before start of concerned competitions. EFC is ensuring its delegate for every competition of EFC CC. That delegate is observing real work of referees at pistes. Seminar is mainly focused on sharing experiences of delegate with referees of competition, however, evaluated referees can be also asked about some rules during seminar. Principally the delegate is using pause after round of pools for another meeting with referees. Besides that, the delegate can address referees even during competitions if they are free, for explaining his/her opinion about their refereeing. Finally, delegates elaborate evaluation sheet, which is sent to EFC Referees commission via EFC Sport Director, who is administrating the project.

4. EFC delegate is cooperating with DT of EFC competitions and is entitled to propose pool of referees for draw, but also to stop some referees who are not competent at given phase of competition. However, he/she can only advice the DT - not to decide about it!

5. EFC Referees commission will personally inform the candidates about the details of their evaluation to support further improvement of their work as referees and to prepare them to becoming FIE referees. As this information is sensitive no personnel notes will be openly published.

6. According to decision of FIE, only C licensed referees can apply as candidates for organised FIE exams. Principally the date of awarding EFC C license are chosen after end of cadets season. However, considering that FIE exams can be held on any date of the season, EFC referees commission can review obtained notes upon request of concerned national federation also on other dates and award C license if criteria of awarding were fulfilled.